Catching a moment with Gill to hear about salt and pepper diamonds and our Tribal Rings.


These exquisite diamonds possess an alluring individuality, setting them apart from their brilliant counterparts. Unlike those perfectly faceted diamonds that radiate pristine perfection, these gems embrace their uniqueness with a touch of tantalizing imperfection. Their captivating charm lies in their vibrant hues, enhanced by their slightly larger size, and preserved with their beautiful, distinctive inclusions. It's as if each one possesses its own personal fingerprint, a secret whispered by the depths of the Earth.

When we delicately place these diamonds into their settings, we abandon the notion of standardized dimensions. To the untrained eye, they may appear uniform in shape and size, but the truth unveils itself upon closer inspection. Their individuality shines through, gracefully celebrated as they find their home within a bespoke gold setting, crafted exclusively for them.

From the depths of a passionate orange, reminiscent of an enchanting sunset, to the warmth of glowing yellows that ignite desire, our collection boasts an exquisite array of salt and pepper diamonds, sprinkled with mesmerizing speckles. Each gem is a masterpiece in its own right, beckoning you to embark on a journey of creation, where you can fashion your very own symphony of perfection.


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