Our Tribal Ring is a founding Signature Verus piece. We fell in love with earth-cut salt and pepper diamonds before we even launched our brand. We are drawn to the interesting inclusions, and deepening shades of salt and pepper diamonds. From opaque white to deep charcoal, and a variety of earth, orange and yellow shades too, these individual diamonds offer a warm, exciting and sensual promise. While brilliant white diamonds reflect light outwards, these diamonds invite you to search their sultry depths. As they are more affordable than brilliant white diamonds it gives us more room to play with size and statement. Using these wild-child diamonds, the array of warm shades and bolder size beautifully reflects the earthy shades, vast landscapes and the untamed spirit of the African bushveld. 

Our Tribal Rings are lovingly wrapped in gold (tube set), and a balance of three diamonds or gems. Three is the Trinity recognised in a variety of cultural, spiritual and historic domains. Past, Present and Future, or Heaven, Man and Earth (Chinese), Father, Son and Spirit (Christian), Three Prayer Positions (Islam), the Hindu Trimurti and in astrology the number 3 represents Relation. Relation is ‘being’ in another sense, a human-being. In addition to all that, ‘Tribal’ in meaning, brings a sense of belonging which is an intrinsic part of being human. The three diamonds represent the balance of any of the historic Trinities, or on a more personal level a trinity of mother, father, and child or the trinity of three precious children. 

Our Tribal Rings are entirely hand-made. We go beyond what is called the ‘lost art of wax casting’ to the even more timeless, and specialised art of true hand-made fine jewellery. The diamonds are polished for a balanced placement. We carefully set them in any of our three Tribal Designs. Double band, single band or the Tribal Trinity in its triangle shape.

When you order one of these rings you will have the opportunity to personally select your own diamonds. We will advise you on all the important details to consider and help you to make the best and most personal choice that you can. 

Fine jewellery should be meaningful, it should be unique, and with our Tribal Ring you can be certain that there is only one like yours. Truly a treasure which is lovingly and painstakingly created from scratch by our talented and experienced small team of artisans.


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