Day To Day With Our Team

Day To Day With Our Team

Gill - Head Designer

Meet our head designer, creative lead and whip cracker of the workshop! Gill is by

nature softly spoken and gentle, but believe me there is a will of iron underneath! Very useful for quality control and chasing up orders. Her Jo'berg days are full with clients, suppliers, running the workshop, and turning her eagle eye to gems and jewellery designs. Usually the first to spot a new design, Gill brings the coolest ideas to the table. Outside of work Gill is a woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience in natural health. Her fridge is 100% organic from the farmstall, all vegan fare and her drink of choice is water or organic smoothies. Admirable. Also quite the challenge for ordinary eating visitors, particularly the coffee drinkers! As much as she enjoys the Jo'berg buzz she'd love to escape to a hidden untamed spot, grow organic food and align with the natural world! Hikes in nature are her escape from the busy world she manages.



Candice - Head of Brand

The person you are talking to any time you reach out to us is Candice. Running the office she also runs all things ecommerce and is relieved to have finally hired a real photopgrapher for our products! Website, newsletters, social media - that's her baby as well as collaboration on designs with Gill. Very happy to work with Gill's ideas, Candice considers if the new idea aligns with our brand and how our clients are going to incorporate it into their collection. All of this happens from her laptop in Cape Town, Nelspruit, Plett or anywhere else that she ventures to. While she loves chatting with clients and handling the marketing her regular escape is on her bike in the mountains, and her best escape is anywhere in Africa that is far from the beaten track. Unlike Gill, Candice really LOVES her coffee. Oh....and champagne!


Julian - Goldsmith and Artist

Julian's talent shone when he was still a student honing his passion in jewellery design and craftmanship. A natural artist his work is exciting to have under our Verus umbrella! When it comes to new original design Julian brings his unique skills to the table. Keeping his artistic abilities in line with our Verus brand is the push and pull at the table! Although working long and now LATE hours (loadshedding!!) he usually lets off steam at the gym. When a gap arises though he, like the others, will head off to to mother nature. The sea calls him, but if that's too far away then it's into the mountains he goes.

Dieter - Master Goldsmith

Austrian born and raised Dieter is a gem from the true old school of jewellery making. His reknowned talent combined with decades of experience make Dieter a pillar of strength in our workshop. Handmade jewellery is an art form with material (gold) that is temperamental. Challenges arise, and they can be costly for us. Having Dieter on board is reassuring it can be said!

Abigail - Polishing

All jewellery gets a plate and polish before it leaves. Yes, even the solid gold. With 12 years of experience in the best jewellery workshops, Abigail's capable, experienced hands manage that perfectly for us.

Mo - Apprentice Goldsmith

With his passion for his craft and his drive to master all skills, Mo is a wonderful addition to the team. Recruited from Bloemfontein by Julian, Mo is moving up all the time. His future in the industry is bright!

Priska - Jewellery Stringer

First taught beading by her grandmother, Priska learned the art of Ndabele beading at a young age. The Ndabele culture is well known for vibrant beadwork. Priska trained in commercial beading in various bead shops, later moving up to work in beading at some of South Africa's leading jewellers. These are some nifty, nimble fingers producing over 20 years of top quality beading.

George - Overseer

And through it all George keeps an eye and a nose on things. He carefully screens all visitors, making sure the first line of security has been thorough. Every dog should have a job and George knows just what his is. He's no youngster so his position has been reduced to part-time. Snuggles and the odd treat fills up the rest of his day!

So this is the team that strives to get your beautiful items to you. We love what we do and can't wait to share more with you.

All the best from the workshop and,


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