Why do we at Verus LOVE rose gold above all the others? Well, it's about the gems really. We know that yellow gold and white gold have long been popular and they have served jewellery well. White diamonds dominated for decades. Yellow gold and particularly white gold work easily with white diamonds. Those metals did the diamond support job and little else was asked of them. 

Now however, we have woken up to an exciting variety of different diamond options. Champagne, cognac, black, orange, yellow, pink, blue..... the list goes on.  In addition there are salt and pepper diamonds and smokey diamonds too! Diamonds of these colours just LOVE rose gold. 

The warm pink undertones of rose gold really do compliment all of these gemstones, bringing out their colour beautifully. Yellow gold, however, tends to leech colour from certain gems, which really kills the beauty of these special stones. When the yellow (or white) gold can work we are happy to use it, but on the whole nothing sets up the aesthetic beauty of colour gemstones quite like rose gold. 

You don't need to be limited to diamonds. At Verus we source the best quality semi-precious gems too. Emerald, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Rosequartz, Aquamarine ..... the list is long. We have found that rose gold is great friends with all the gems so we offer it throughout the site and when suitable we do offer yellow gold. White gold can be available, just drop us an email and we may be able make it up as a bespoke order. 

Lastly, don't mistake our beautiful, softly warmed rose gold for the garish 'rose' gold that the imported plated accessories boast. That is not a rose gold shade, it's a red gold shade which is much richer and harder in visual tones than lovely rose gold. Phew! Really needed to get that off my chest!

We are very happy to talk gold or anything jewellery with you. So if you have any questions please pop us an email. 



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