Custom Remakes

Gathering dust?

Let us breathe fresh style into those treasured heirloom jewels.

Where to Start...

Have a look through your family treasures. You might be suprised!

Email and include a couple of images of your existing heirloom.

Our talented and experienced team can help you with your new design.

What to Consider...

What do you love most about this piece and what would you most like to change?

What type of jewellery do tend to wear most?

What type of setting do you prefer? Have a look at our collection for ideas.

What is your budget?

Be Honest...

This expensive gift was never worn. It was time for our client to accept that these earrings were never going to feel right for her, and were never going to feel fabulous.

Time for Something Completely Different!

Using her earrings and an almost forgotten ring we created a stunning pair of Diamond Wing Earrings and a Diamond Ear Cuff to take her beautiful diamond studs from classic to....

Va Va VOOM!!