Mikayla Black Spinel Necklace with Gold Beads

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Clasp: 9k Rose gold
Clasp: 9k Rose gold
9k Rose gold
9k Yellow gold
Length: 38cm + 4cm ext
Length: 38cm + 4cm ext
38cm + 4cm ext
40cm + 4cm ext
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Hand-cut natural black spinel beads necklace with gold beads.

  • 6 x Gold beads
  • 2mm Black spinel faceted beads
  • Imported Italian lobster clasp 
  • 4cm Ext chain
  • 9k Gold 

A fresh option to our Mikayla Black Spinel Necklace. Wear it as it is or add Verus charms to suit your style.

See charm options in the complimentary products suggested below.


The mystical powers of Black Spinel reduce anger and resentment, replacing them with more effective communication.

Allow the gentle Black Spinel to give you inspiration and empowerment.

Additional Information

9k Rose gold, 9k Yellow gold


38cm + 4cm ext, 40cm + 4cm ext


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