Lava Rock Bead Wristband with Dry Riverbed Engraved Silver Bead

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Metal: Sterling Silver
Metal: Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver
Bead Sze : 8mm
Bead Sze : 8mm
Size: 19cm
Size: 19cm
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Our Dry Riverbed handcrafted sterling silver bead meets black lava beads in this ode-to- Africa wristband. Perfect to add to your bracelet stack.

You have an option on Lava Bead size:

  • 8mm
  • 10mm.

Our beads are strung on an elastic strand so it slips easily onto your wrist (it’s stretchy and will expand like a rubber band when slipped on and off). Our durable elastic cord is covered in strong silicone and will permanently keep its soft elasticity. Select the size of your wrist band in the dropdown option.

Symbolism is a powerful element in the art world and the skull is the most powerful symbol of our mortality. Yet for some cultures, the skull symbolises the beginning of transformation and change. In fact, it is merely the next step in the story from which there are numerous other paths to take.


"When you have acquired a taste for the dust, and the scent of our first rain, you’ll be hooked for life on Africa, and you’ll not be right again." - Author unkdraftwn.

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Sterling Silver

Bead Sze

8mm, 10mm


19cm, 21cm, 23cm


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