We are proud of our gorgeous natural gemstone bead necklaces. We search high and low to bring you the best quality available. With that in mind it is really worth paying attention to our bead necklace care tips. 

  • Natural gemstones are vulnerable to rough treatment and chemicals. Products can eat into the gemstone causing tiny pitting marks or opaque gems. 

  • Gemstones are porous and they absorb oils from your body and beauty products. Opals and pearls in particular are very soft, porous gems and should be protected. 

  • If you sleep in them your hair will likely tangle in them. If you wash your hair they will catch in your hair, and be coated in your shampoo and conditioner. This can change the colour of the necklace and at the least it does create a really hairy, dirty looking necklace.
  • Gemstones don't like prolonged sunlight. So store them safely in a cool, dry space. You don't want them tangled up either so use a good jewellery pouch, case or wrap each one in tissue paper, especially for travel. 
  • Our beads are strung on top quality jeweller silk thread using a specialised method. There are tiny knots along the necklace to keep the beads firmly in place and also to allow for some give in the thread to prevent it snapping and losing the beads. Pulling on the necklace can undo these knots and will cause the necklace to look stretched. Don't worry, we can restring it for you. First restring is free. After that it's on you but we hope you have already learned that its best to follow our tips ;) 
  • Last on and first off are a great rule of thumb when it comes to these necklaces.