About Diamonds

Why does diamond selection matter? Because it's not just about sparkle; it's about finding the diamond that resonates with you, that becomes a part of your story, and that stands the test of time. We source diamonds from trusted suppliers and handpick each one for its exceptional quality, brilliance, and character.

We are proud supporters of natural, sustainable diamonds. By choosing a natural diamond, you will make an impact on the lives of millions of people and vulnerable ecosystems around the world. With a dark history, diamond mining has earned a lot of negative press. In this current time however, there is an enourmous amount of good investment from diamond mining companies which provides the backbone for rural communities, wildlife and the eco-system. Read more about sustainable diamond mining here and here on The Natural Diamond Council page.

The first step is considering the four C’s, namely: cut, colour, clarity and carat-weight. These factors help determine your diamond’s value. We source in alignment with the Kimberley process, meaning all our diamonds are conflict free.

​Tiny imperfections are present in almost all diamonds. Clarity is the degree to which the number and size of those tiny imperfections occur. So, the larger the amount and the bigger the size of the inclusions, the lower the grade of clarity, meaning a diamond that’s less rare. However, a diamond with no such inclusions is termed flawless and valued for its rarity.

Carat weight is a commonly known phrase in the fine jewellery world and refers to the weight of a diamond. However it may not precisely determine a diamond’s true size. Remember, diamonds of equal carat-weight may differ greatly in brilliance depending on their symmetry and cut, making carat-weight alone unreliable as an evaluation tool.


A faceted diamond means a beautifully unique stone, kept as close to its natural form as possible for a more organic look. You’ll find these stones in our salt ‘n pepper diamond collection, and we’re able to source individual faceted diamonds for you too.

Also known as fancy diamonds, we use many cognac and champagne diamonds in our fine jewellery for their depth of colour and warmth. Diamonds with natural pink, blue, orange, green, red, and violet bodycolors are extremely rare. Out of 100,000 diamonds, only a few will have one of the extremely rare colors. The color can have any intensity between "very light" and "vivid". We do offer some colour diamonds in our collection. Most of them are natural colours.

We love black diamonds, as you will have noticed. These are natural diamonds that have been colour treated, and occasionally we have a colour treated fancy brilliant diamond which is relatively inexpensive next to the price of natural fancy brilliant diamonds. Just like white diamonds, colour diamonds can be sourced for purchase as single stones.