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Salt 'n Pepper Anyone?

Our Deal is Raw (and that’s a good thing!)

Now well into the month of October, we’re feeling a little more liberated at Verus Fine Jewellery. Celebrating more connection including travel, our flights - while for most still grounded…for now - are feeling fancy. For us, this means Salt and Pepper Diamonds. Fancy Colour Salt and Pepper Diamonds to be precise.

Our ethos has always been an organic one – to keep these stones as close to their natural form as possible. In other words, these particular diamonds remain as raw as possible in terms of colour and size. All we do is facet the piece to give it shape. In fact, polishing in this minimal way is a big trend internationally, and turns the principle of a “beautiful” diamond on its head. Raw diamonds are often polished down to the smallest, purest form. We do the opposite and we do it on purpose. We want to ensure none of the unique colour is lost and all the small inclusions that make the stone so wonderfully distinct remains. This means no two pieces are alike and we’re particularly proud of this. After all, these diamonds have been formed over millions of years and our aim is to celebrate their striking individuality. We do this further by mixing colours in the our pieces. In the jewellery world, “fancy” simply refers to a colour other than white or a particular shape (in our case, it’s colour) which works to our advantage because no two Fancy Colour Salt and Pepper Diamonds are the same. This means they work so well together by using different tonal shades within the same piece. The end result is a ring to wear as a singular statement or to layer with other jewellery.

Speaking of which, check out our statement pieces in the November issue of Conde Naste Traveller

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Here’s to fancier times ahead!

Candice & Gill.

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