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Magical Events in the Family - Chloe & James

When my sister's partner James, called me about an engagement ring I was thrilled! We do so many rings for this happy moment but to get to create one for two people so special to me is really wonderful.

James is not really one for this sparkly side of things but he had done his homework (i.e. fishing for detail) and was certain that it needed to be a pink pear shaped stone with a few diamonds. A Morganite stone was our perfect answer, which we would source in true pink rather than salmon pink. Keeping it simple we all decided on rose gold with two white diamonds for either side.

A fairy tale pink ring was created in the hands of our talented goldsmith. Just look at this magnificent gorgeousness!! We nailed it with just what Chloe had imagined, only better!

We love a good love story so I'm sharing theirs:

Chloe and James met while at school through a mutual friend who James played polo with. Chloe was born into an equestrian world so lots in common between them. They started dating in Jan 2011 and have been together ever since. High school sweethearts!

Words from Chloe:

"James is the most amazing person I have ever met. He has a magical effect that just makes people like him.

Once he sets his mind to something he is determined to succeed, I just love that. He pushes me to do my best, when even I don't think it's possible.

James has so many amazing qualities one looks for in a partner. From his sense of humour to his patient ways. 11 years later he still makes me smile and laugh so hard that my stomache aches!"

Words from James:

"Chloe, where to begin?!

The night we met she stood out. Her personality, her sense of humour and her caring nature.

I love the way she is so perceptive of people, and that when you talk to her she listens and she really cares. This and her loving nature stole my heart. Her drive towards life, her motivation , it's really awesome to partner with someone like this. Chloe is very strong willed which is definitely something that I value now. We have a super partnership and relationship, we work really well together. It's amazing to spend my life with her. To sum it all up, she is a beautiful person inside and out. How could I not love her? She genuinely is an amazing person."

Romance and happy moments keep the joy in our lives.

Congratulations James and Chloe!

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