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Champagne diamonds, the colour to suite all skin tones.


Firstly what is a champagne diamond exactly? They are diamonds that vary in hues of brown from light champagne to chocolate to cognac. How they get their colour is largely due to nitrogen deposits that are formed within the diamond itself, they get trapped in the diamond during its formation. The more nitrogen that gets trapped inside the deeper the intensity of the champagne colour, and vice versa.

As far as diamonds go, fancy coloured diamonds are rare, since coloured diamonds make up a small fraction of the world’s diamonds. Having said that, champagne diamonds are the more common of these rare coloured diamonds, and thus less expensive.

A champagne diamond is a very versatile colour to wear, as their delicate neutral hue suits all skin types. Thus they have become very popular amongst A-list celebrities and can be seen at all major red carpet events. These diamonds are at their most beautiful when shown off in 18k rose and red gold.

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