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Huggies with Opal Hearts

R6 740.00
Chic with romanance...
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Product Details

Huggie details:


  • 8mm inside diameter - 12mm outer diameter
  • 2mm band width



  • 10mm inside diameter - 14mm outer diameter
  • 2mm band width

Opal details:

  • Heart-shaped Ethiopian opal tube set in gold
  • 5mm width x 8mm length
  • Handmade

18k gold available on request.

For a pair you can order an additional Opal Heart from the related products below.

A gemstone with metaphysical and spiritual healing properties, this gem of light, consciousness and intuition is a very precious one indeed. In fact, that's its literal meaning in Sanskrit; the name opal comes from the Sanskrit word “upala" , meaning "precious stone". With a treasured tradition of being a gemstone of luck and magic, the opal is linked with bringing spirituality, awareness, and spiritual light to its wearer.

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