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Gemsbok Skull Ring

SKU 00024
R2 990.00
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Product Details

Handcrafted gemsbok skull complete with incredible detail is created in sterling silver and set with a secret black diamond inside the ring shank. Originally designed for men - paying homage to our spirit animal - this piece works for anyone who loves it. The black diamond, embodying power and authority has been added to this special piece. This particular stone should be worn close to the skin, and we want the diamond to be like a secret - just between us.


The meaning of black diamond is transcendence and it symbolises power and authority. Let the black diamond give you power to define your future.


"An elegant Gemsbok on the crest of a sand dune in the Kalahari Desert is an iconic sight. Long, elegant but lethal horns rise high above his head. His face dramatic in black and white markings. An air of magic and mystery surrounds him."

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