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Your Necklace Size


The beauty of bespoke jewellery is that you can get exactly what you want. We can design and make a necklace to whatever length you desire.  However, as a guide, here are the industry standard sizes that we find most popular.
These lengths have been working for people for hundreds of years so you may find just what you are looking for, but if you don't, let us know and we will make it bespoke to your unique specifications.

Standard Necklace Sizes for Women

(Note: Its a good idea to select the next size up for larger neck size)

For ladies our standard short necklace is 40cm. If you want it more choker length, or you are petite you may want to select 38cm or even 36cm. The next length we opt for when we look for a little more movement is 42cm. That’s a good length to peep out between the buttons of a button up blouse if you are a clothing size 32/34 or perhaps 36 top. For size 38 and upwards rather select a 45cm length for that perfect blouse necklace. That length of 45cm is ideal for the longer Matinee style on a size 32, 34,36.
We find that a measuring of 38cm, 42cm, 45cm and 50cm lines up well for that necklace layered look.

Collar & Choker

36cm (14") - Snug to the neck

38cm (15") - Just above the collar bone

Standard Short Length

40cm (16") - Shows under a blouse collar

Princess & Matinee

42cm (17") - Has a little more movement

45cm (18") - Great for layered looks and size 38+

50cm (20") - Sits lower under the collar bone


70cm (28") - Under the breast line


Standard Necklace Sizes for Men

(Note: Its a good idea to select the next size up for larger neck size)

For men we suggest lengths of 50cm, 60cm and 70cm:

50cm (20") - On the collarbone (most popular length)

60cm (24") - A few inches below the collarbone

70cm (28") - Just at or above the sternum

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