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​Your jewellery is handcrafted with love, passion, and utmost care. If you want to wear it every day that's fantastic but being careful goes a long way. Dropping, banging or catching the piece will weaken it over time. Stones especially opals, and gem slices are particularly soft and delicate so it’s best to take care of them avoiding any trauma. The principle of 'last on in the morning and first off in the evening' is our a great guidine. We strongly suggest that you remove your jewellery when:

  • Showering

  • Swimming

  • Sleeping

  • Gardening, moving heavy objects, doing housework or exercising

  • Doing anything that exposes your jewellery to chemicals or force

  • Applying cosmetics or perfumes

  • Blow-drying or brushing your hair



  • ​Grasp either side of the closed pin in your thumbs and pointer fingers. Pull it slowly and gently apart. If they don’t open wide please avoid stretching them any further than you have to in order to slip them into place on your lobe. 

  • Before you fit them to your ear practice once or twice with the closing them. Press them carefully but firmly together. You will see the pin is perfectly lined up with a small hole directly in front of it. You will feel a soft click as they clip into place.

  • Now open gently and slide them along the lobe until they are in place. Push the pin through your piercing and then press the huggie together.

  • If they don’t click please do not force them. Drop us an email and we will talk you through it. Once you’ve clicked them on once it’s a breeze!

  • Showering and using hair products while wearing your Huggies will cause a build-up of product on the Huggies, particularly if they have gemstones. Like windows needing a clean, the light just can't get through!

  • Our bead necklaces are all natural gemstones. Natural gemstones are vulnerable to rough treatment and chemicals.

  • All are porous and so they absorb oils from your body and beauty products.

  • Opals in particular are very soft, porous gems and should certainly be protected.

  • With the reasonable care they will never let you down.

  • The beads are strung on top quality jeweller silk thread using specialised method. There are tiny knots along the necklace to keep the beads firmly in place and also to allow for some give in the thread to prevent it snapping and losing the beads. Pulling on the necklace can undo these knots and will cause the necklace to look stretched.

  • Take care that you don’t expose your necklace to unnecessary time with your hair such as sleeping and blow-drying.

  • Keep opals and turquoise away from prolonged sunlight or high heat.



  • Our wristbands are not your typical "stretch and go" kind of jewelry. They're strung with industrial-strength silicone elastic and adorned with beads that have some sharp edges. So, if you're feeling fidgety, avoid repeatedly pulling your wristband back and forth like a yo-yo, as it can wear the thread down and cause it to snap. When it's time to remove your wristband don’t pull on it, just roll it off your wrist and over your hand.

  • While our wristbands are ready to handle most adventures, we don't recommend taking them swimming. Water can be a wild ride, and we don't want your wristband to be the one thing that got away.

  • If you're looking to keep your wristband looking fly, try not to apply lotions and potions over it. The stone beads and lava beads are porous, so they'll happily absorb any cream or lotion that they come into contact with.

  • We would love to check and restring your wristband after about a year of wear. Just get it to us and we will take great care of it.

  • The bracelets are strung with silk jeweller thread. Each bead is separated by a tiny knot. Useful things that keep the beads firmly in place and also allow a little give if the bracelet catches on something. The knot will undo rather than snap the bracelet. Catching your bracelet often will loosen the knots and cause it to look stretched.

  • Listen up, jewellery lovers! Avoid using harsh commercial cleaning solutions or anything abrasive on your precious rings. Those nasty chemicals can eat away at the stone and leave it looking like a pitted mess.

  • When wearing your rings, put them on last after getting dressed and putting on your makeup, hairspray, and perfume. Those chemicals will dull your shine!

  • Heavy lifting and careless bumping of your ring can dent or warp it and you may have no idea until your stone is loose or lost. Claws can get caught on things and bend or snap leaving your stone vulnerable to falling out.

  • We will happily clean them and check them for you once a year. Just get them to us in Dainfern and we will bring them back to their destined glory.

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