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We're not gonna lie, our jewellery is princess league. It's handcrafted with love, passion, and utmost care in our workshop, fit for royalty. And just like royalty, it requires a bit of TLC to keep it looking its best. So, no more wearing your jewelry to bed or during activities like exercising or doing chores. Trust us, they won't be happy about it. And keep those chemicals in products like soap, shampoo, and perfume away from them - they're like kryptonite to their sparkle.

When your jewellery's not out on the town, they prefer to chill in their own little space. So, store them in the soft bag or padded box we provide, in a cool, dry place. And if they're looking a bit dull, give them a gentle brush with a soft toothbrush under warm water, followed by a little buff with a jewelry polishing cloth. Voila! They'll be shining like a disco ball at Studio 54.

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