Why our handmade Lina Link is worth her 'Wait' in gold

Why our handmade Lina Link is worth her 'Wait' in gold
We take our gold seriously. Before we even begin crafting our pieces, we meticulously prepare the metal by melting it down into a thick bar and drawing it multiple times to create a pliable wire. Drawing involves a block of metal being pulled through a series of progressively smaller holes until it reaches the desired thickness.

We then make sure that the metal stays soft and workable by carefully annealing it after every few draws. It's a delicate process, but one that ensures we can shape the links with precision and ease.

And we don't stop there. We're committed to producing only the highest quality pieces, which is

why we inspect every inch of the metal for any signs of cracking or porosity. If we find any imperfections, we start the whole process from scratch. It's a painstaking approach, but it's what allows us to create pieces that are flawless and built to last.

Now it's time to transform that pliable wire into something truly stunning. We take our trusty hammers, pliers, and mandrels to shape that wire into individual links - each one as unique and exquisite as the last. With different sizes and shapes at our disposal, the possibilities are endless.

But we're not satisfied with just creating beautiful links. We take it to the next level by assembling them into a magnificent chain. To bring each link together, we use a variety of techniques such as soldering, welding, or bending them to interlock in perfect harmony. The final step is polishing and plating.

The result?

A mesmerizing piece that will leave you breathless.